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There are times in our lives where we are humbled and honored and this past weekend Valley Custom Carts as well as its owners were honored by a dear friend from high school.  As we journey through life it is important to always remember that we leave an imprint on each others lives; it is up to us to leave a lasting one in the most positive way possible. Even when the past times shared are not expressed outwardly and the high school years have long been a time of the past its rewarding to the soul to have played a role in making a positive impression.

As published on September 5, 2015 by Sweetsassyandohsocrafty.com on the Community Page at  Rancho Murieta, CA in Amador County ……

“I am such a firm believer in supporting small businesses, and to spread the word out there so they can grow to become bigger. To be honest I think with small businesses they take more time to know what the Customer wants, their needs, and develop a close relationship. I believe that you need to get the word out to others, so today I have decided to do just that. An old high school classmate of mine really does not know this, but I have totally admired his desire to go out there and start a business that he loves. It truly shows me not only does he love what he is doing, but he wants to share that gift to others. I live in a community that has the need for Golf carts, and ATV’s for the convenience of Golfing of course, or instead of driving your car why not just hop in your golf cart and get to the store, the park, or the lake to go fishing. For the past three years living here I have seen some pretty Unique ones from a San Francisco Giants Golf cart, to an old classic style car, and Hello Kitty pink ( yes I did say Hello Kitty). I have to say when there are events going on here in our Community such as Concerts, Summer fest, to old time baseball games etc I love seeing different style carts, and not just your regular looking ones. I never knew how much of a trend it is to have a unique Cart until I lived in this Community.

So I want to please welcome Valley Custom Carts to our Community. You can find them on Facebook and their Address is 1187 Vanderbilt Circle # 7 Manteca CA 95337  and the phone number is 209-665-6258.  Jason Garner is the owner of the Business and he stated to me that they can build any style from turning a old cart into a new one at a low cost. He also says they let the customers design what they want give them a rendering for approval and build their cart. I love his carts they are so unique such talent he has. So please take a look at his craftsmanship and I hope you can support his business.”  By: Charlena Bruetsch.

We here at Valley Custom Carts believe in small businesses helping small businesses so PLEASE stop by Sweetsassyandohsocrafty.com, where you can sign up for an email newsletter or follow via social media.  And thank you again for you kind words Char!!  We greatly appreciated it!!


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