Here at Valley Custom Carts we pride ourselves in providing a service to our customers that extends above and beyond ones expectations.

As a family owned Custom and Restoration Shop it is our commitment to you, the customer that we evaluate your vision of either restoring your existing cart to a condition that fulfills and satisfies the look and feel you express.

The design philosophy at Valley Custom Carts is to allow you the opportunity to select all components of your cart and if desired an unique service available is the ability to visually see the finished cart through a rendering and watch their vision transform into reality.

With the ever evolving Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Industry as well as the desire of customers, we are proud to offer the E-Merge Series of vehicles manufactured by Tomberlin.  The E-Merge is available in 2-passenger and 4-passenger models.  With the LSV package these vehicles can be licensed, in most areas, for use on local streets where the speed limit is posted 35 MPH or less.  Whether you are going to the market or enjoying a ride on a beautiful day the E-Merge is your choice for Safety, Performance and Style in LSV vehicles.

Valley Custom Carts is an Authorized Dealer of Tomberlin, Streetrod Golf Cars and YETI.

“No Build Too Small, No Cart Too Big”.



When the time comes to simply give your cart the routine maintenance it deserves. Or extend the life of your cart with new tires, wheels, upholstery and paint…Valley Custom Carts will do what is needed to satisfy the vision you have for the cart you own. If you need a cart we will find the one you are searching for.

Lets face it …our communities are not all the same and share different requirements to make the carts we enjoy acceptable to the environments we live in. Valley Custom Carts will make any adjustments necessary to keep you in compliance with the rules established and safe. If lights, blinkers, horns, etc…is what you need, we will do what is needed by either refurbishing your existing cart or build you a cart to fit your needs.

Looking for a cart to play in the sand or mud out on the trails? If we don’t have one in stock then we will build you a custom cart with all the options you are looking for. Lift kits, big wheels and tires, paint and roll bar etc…Options are endless. “No build too small, No cart too big!”

Valley Custom Carts Takes Great Pride in restoring and refurbishing your classic cart. The history of our industry and the people whose vision, like ours, is crucial for the future of our desired passion for golf carts. While some items are a challenge to locate and many are nearly obsolete. Valley Custom Carts will do everything feasible to restore your pride and joy.

No better way than to build a vehicle that truly represents the company you work for or a specific event that is coming up. Let Valley Custom Carts design and build this specialized cart. Whether you are looking for a cart to pay homage to your Alma Mata or remember a special event, we at Valley Custom Carts will ensure that your cart is unique to your own style.

Our current inventory ready for immediate delivery or pick up.  ‘WILD WILD WEST’ (’09 Club Car Precedent 48V) – A beautifully airbrushed paint scheme in an old western theme complete with custom painted top to invoke the images of being in an old age barn. Custom 14″ SS two-tone metallic wheels with 14″ low profile Read more »

Rancho Murieta Community let’s support some small Businesses

  There are times in our lives where we are humbled and honored and this past weekend Valley Custom Carts as well as its owners were honored by a dear friend from high school.  As we journey through life it is important to always remember that we leave an imprint on each others lives; it is up Read more »

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